6 snappy comebacks to “6 snappy comebacks for sugar sceptics”

  • Snappy response 1: “Too much sugar is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.”
  • Snappy response-response 1: “So don’t eat ‘too much’ sugar, then.”
  • Snappy response 2: “Sugar is so addictive that moderation is impossible!”
  • Snappy response-response 2: Nonsense!
  • Snappy response 3: “Ever heard of Sarah Wilson?”
  • Snappy response-response 3: No, I haven’t.
  • Snappy response 4: “Yep, curries, burgers, tacos. So boring.”
  • Snappy response-response 4: Stop hanging out with such culinary ignoramuses!
  • Snappy response 5: “Wine, beer and chocolate are allowed when you quit sugar. Cheers!”
  • Snappy response-response 5: Stop hanging out with such judgmental idiots!
  • Snappy response 6: “If you call eating real food a diet, then sign me up!”
  • Snappy response-response 6: Give me fake-food or give me death!



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Jacques Rousseau lectures critical thinking & ethics (University of Cape Town), and co-authored “Critical Thinking, Science and Pseudoscience” (Springer 2016).